I’m a comedian from Redcar in Teesside and have been for twenty six years.

I have played in all sorts of situations from working mens clubs in the North East, to the comedy store in Hollywood, to the Victoria Palace Theatre in Londons west end where I had a main part in Billy Elliot the musical. I am totally non racist, non homophobic, non sexist, but I am sick to death of the politically correct society we live in whereby, just to bring the subjects up, to discuss them or in my case to laugh about them, you are immediately branded as being racist or homophobic or sexist. Laughter is an instinctive thing, the same as crying is. We experience these emotions as babies. We do them and we don’t know why we do them sometimes? In todays comedy, you see comedians tiptoeing through a minefield of what they are and aren’t allowed to say, but worse than this, audiences have been brainwashed into thinking twice about what they can and cannot laugh at.

When an instinctive emotion such as laughter has to be second guessed and the individual has to wonder if they can laugh at something that they instinctively find funny, then someone, somewhere, is controlling that individual.

For me, this is just part of a sinister game that is being played by the real powers beyond government which seek to dumb us all down and stop us speaking out.

After fighting in my home town of Redcar against an extremely dodgy housing development, that was being pushed by an extremely dodgy council and an extremely dodgy housing developer and after having beat them in the house of lords, changing the law to boot, I just refuse to accept the ever increasing stranglehold on our civil liberties and the erosion of our freedom of speech. If you feel the same way as I do, then join me and let’s do something about it. Don’t just do it for yourselves, more importantly, stand up for your children. Do it for your children or the world that they will inherit from you, will be fucked. When I started the campaign in Redcar in 2004, I was told that I would never beat the council and I did. I now want to take on the Government and I want to do it through laughter. Let my gig on the 15th just be the start and let the ripples that we create, become a tidal wave that no one can stop.


'Forgiveness is a masterclass in confessional comedy.'


‘An electrifying performance of naked honesty.’


‘Plenty of food for thought...Heartfelt and often intense.’


'Big, old-fashioned, belly-laughs... a unique comedy voice.'