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Today, the second of January, I’m on the premier Christian Radio Station, who are presenting a programme on forgiveness, with my poem “Forgiveness”, taken from my comedy show about my dads murder. 

To see my name, my words, up there alongside U2, Ray Charles, Nelson Mandela, even Jesus Christ. I’ll be going out to potentially two million listeners, this makes me absolutely beam.

Listen here

New poem delay.

Ok, so, we’ve had some problems with the exporting of the video for our poem. 

We started the exporting last night ready to upload to social media. Because of the amount of videos, it took ages to export. But when elvis woke up, it had exported, but only so far through. So we had to start the whole process off again this morning, and we’re still a couple of hours off.

We’re gutted, but not deterred.

So, we’re going to have to put it back a four hours. 

It’s now going out on the stroke of midnight tonight, as we move into Christmas Day. 

I know that’s late, and I’m so sorry about this, but there’s nothing else I can do. 

I don’t beg, ever, but I’m begging you all now, please bear with us. 

I think the stroke of midnight is apt. 

Please, bear with us, please…

When the Wind became a Whisper

And so, that’s it, we’re almost done. Our poem, “When the Wind became a Whisper”, is all but edited and it’s all been done by mobile phone and laptop. 

When Elvis Herod and I watched it today, from start to finish, with the brilliant score from American violinist, Kyle Dillingham and the end photographs and credits added, we were completely silent. 

With the equipment we have, we just couldn’t have done anymore. As a poem? It voices my concerns and the concerns of millions of people around the world, as much as “The Right To Hate”, but in a different way. It’s powerful, it’s meaningful, it’s honest and it’s passionate and as a piece of creative art, I have given it all I can. 

With this poem and video, I’ve tried to give my grandchildren a voice, as I did when I walked to London on behalf of them and my friend, Christian Steel’s mum Isobel, who died of covid19 in April this year. Over two hundred people from approximately twenty five countries around the world, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia, USA, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Gambia, Ghana, Pakistan, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Peru, have taken part. People have sent in their videos, some have been great, some not so great, some outstanding, but we’ve included them all, which has been difficult to do in a five minute video. 

So to these people I want to thank you..

Lucius Thomas Hill
Eliza Woolley
Esme Woolley
Jenny Thornton
James Woolley
Johnny Norgrove
Ruth Norgrove
Aleem Sagar John and child kiln slaves
Linda Juliana
Papa Cole peace march
Papa Cole Jnr
Laura Mcglade
Willow Rose Hill
Matilda Jane Hill
Andrew Divine
Ravinder ‘Bob’ Singh
Paramjeet Kaur
Ekomkar Singh
Sukhmani kaur
ZORAwar singh
Celine Merritt
Nine Merritt
Elise Merritt
John Treston
Craig ‘Popeye’ Doyle
Frank Bukenya
Brenda Tumwesigye
Gloria Nabisere
Rena Namuganza
Shamira Nakintu
Brook Forest Martin
Dave Mcelwee
Eden Mcelwee
Jayne Cobban
Gary Firth
Olive Firth
Elsie Firth
Elijah Leafe
Neil Bradley
Jim lynch D’esterhazy
Pat D’Esterhazy
Ramon George
Ramsey Kyle
Max Rotherham
Anikaaro Rotherham
George Wood
Billy Wood
Claire Betty Rise
Ninina Aguiar
Conchi Santana
Lardi Dejarou
Gerald Chijoke
Daisy Doo
Barry Donoghue
Tony Cole
Danny Posthill
Lucy Delics
Melanie Jane Valdivia Melocoton
Troy Fisher
Rachel Penabella
Joe Penabella
Jorge Rojas
Jillian Penabella
Paul Bate
Jessica Bate
Henriette Hol (protest march)
Kelly Cheek Rodriguez
Harry Rodriguez
Kayley Anne Boyle
Aiyra Boyle
Mila Boyle
Lee Boyle
Elliston Stone
Jim Senderak
Luce Walker
Olivia Walker
Andrea Lynas
Steve Lynas
Trent Loos
Jan Stefan Simmonsen
Allan Michael Isherwood
Tanya Lee Davis
Craig McCauley
Harry Robinson
Mila Cantwell
Matilda Rise
Harry Robinson
Kiln slaves Pakistan
Mona Ahmad
Max Riesen (protest march Canada)
Jen Spowart Blenkinsopp
Terri Collins Bierwith
Nancy Leonard
Gabriel Parkinson
Crissy Boylo
Sibble Gomez
Max Woolley
Amy Woolley
Myles Woolley
Gustavo Fernando
Maureen Van Der Borght
Patrick Van Der Borght
Cindy Vos Uijleman
Penny Vos
Firgill Grunberg
Barbara Vinken
Sylvana Ligtvoet
Ans Brooimans Ligtvoet
Stef Brooimans
Winston Reinhardt
Paul Uruguay
Ruzmilla Haque
Olivia Haque
Heather Jackson
Djalel Kouidri
Horris Jones
Debbie Chapman
Lauri Ann Williams
Janice Roantree
Darren Masterson
Laura Allen
Susie Sue
Carl Cave
Yvette Glass
Teena Leblanc
Tammy Donald
Tracey Jayne
Wendy Richards
Brook Forest Martin
Howard Davies
Vince Smith
Allan Michael Isherwood
Emmanuel De Wael
Gareth Williams
Tess Delaney
Usaia Soqoiwasa
Torika Soqoiwasa
Sala Soqoiwasa
Bernie Soqoiwasa
Imi Soqoiwasa
Nigel Singh
Kelly Marie Maud
Nikki Keating
Tony Marrese
Lucy Instone
Joanna Harvey
Shelly Garofalo
Craig McCauley
Derek Patterson
Mike Gavan
Jack Gavan
Joby Gavan
Jay Jay Gavan
Penny Gavan
John Mattock
Christine Mattock
Katy Skippy
Mira Malik
Jitka Whenham
Damien Wyatt
Felix Ogbogo
Kevwe Ogbogo
Vera Oboule
Meekness Ogbogo
Levi Ogbogo
Emmanuel Ogbogo
Penny Demartin
Ellivia Demartin
James Demartin
Debbie Sutherland
Terri Collins Bierwith
David Bierwith
Linda Juliana
Robert Kelsey
Mia Jones
Zoe Bullivant
Sharon Giradi
Gary Murphy
Bingy the cat
Sylvia McGrath
Trevor Jones
Michelle Gladiator
Owen Lloyd
Oliver Vinnicombe
Maxine Golding
Aleem Sagar John
Lorraine Smyth
Jamie Young
Rebecca Burcks Harrell
Jodee Jaimes
Robbie Williams
Les Longstaff
Louie Gomez
Paul Lucas
Jane Elizabeth Sandman
Ian Simpson
Mark Simpson
Steve Everett
Mark Zielinski
Phil Andrews
Dolores Coulie

To every last one of you, thank you for sending your videos and thank you for caring enough to send them. I’d also like to thank American virtuoso violinist Kyle Dillingham for brilliantly scoring this video and I’d like to thank the film maker and editor Elvis Herod, not only for hard work and patience, but for making me laugh loads.

So we’re going live on Christmas Eve at 8pm British time on social media, on my Northern Monkey YouTube Channel and on my website, I don’t often ask my friends or followers to share my stuff, but on this occasion, I’m asking just that. 

Please share this video as much as you can. 

I hope you like it, I hope it resonates with people.

I hope…

A true Christmas story…

Twenty two years ago, in 1998, I was driving home from doing a Saturday morning gig in late October/early November time, for the Man City Guvnors hooligan firm in Manchester. You had to be at Heaton Park club in Manchester for half past seven in the morning. When I got there, there were over 200 lads, and some lasses, in this club on the beer, some snorting cocaine. I was working with two strippers and I went into the audience hard, like, I didn’t give them room to breathe. I had to do that or they’d have eaten me alive and spat me out, but I went on the front foot, told them I was from Middlesbrough, took the room by the scruff of the neck and I annihilated the gig. It was a fantastic gig, complete mayhem and after it, I got a standing ovation. 

I was buzzing, all was right in the world. 

I got in the car and I set off home. I was over two thirds of my way home, I was on the A19 and it was about three o’clock. Normally, I’d drive all the way to the parkway then home to Redcar, but for some reason, I had this like quiet voice in my head, no, it was in my heart, which I felt, if that makes sense? telling me to come off the A19 way before then, which I did, and I ended up going through a small village called Hutton Rudby. 

As I drove into Hutton Rudby, through it and out the other side, on the right hand side was a church, the church of all saints, it’s about a thousand years old. When I got to it, this same quiet voice told me to stop and go into the church. So I pulled over and did so.

As I walked up to the stone porch of this 11th century building, there were these wrought iron gates closed across the entrance. I thought they would be padlocked, but they weren’t, so I walked into the vestibule. In front of me in this dark vestibule, were two thick oak doors with massive handles. I thought, “these must be locked” because in a town or city, they would be, but no, as I turned the clasp the door opened. But the strange thing was that as I pushed the door, I actually felt like someone was pulling on the other side at the same time?

I remember to this day, the feeling that I had when that happened, it was like whoa…hang on a minute what was that! As the door opened, directly behind them was another set of thick oak doors. “These must be locked” I thought, but as I turned the clasp and pushed, the door opened but this time as I pushed, I actually felt like something was dragging me in the church. 

I shut the door behind me and now I was completely alone in the church. I always remember the strong smell of Lilly’s all around me, and the other things that struck me was how cold it was, but more than that, the peace. It was absolute silence. 

So I was stood there on my own in this cold peace, the thoughts of the mayhem in the gig in Manchester, were now being replaced with a feeling of quiet solitude on a scale that was difficult to take in. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an ancient church completely alone as the sun is starting to wain, I suppose it could be an intimidating experience for some. But I just felt absolutely at peace. Full of warmth and even awe and wonder. I decided to sit on the front pew and just started talking in a hushed voice. I said  “I don’t know why I’m here but I believe I’ve been led here”. There was complete silence in this cold, ancient, getting darker by the minute, church. I was completely alone, but I didn’t feel alone, I felt there was something there with me. So, I asked for direction, I asked for love to be shown to my loved ones, I asked for all sorts (not material things)  and then I said a prayer. 

There was no blinding light, no clap of thunder, no heavenly choir, just absolute quiet and peace. It was the absolute opposite of the foul mouthed, drunken, drug fuelled anarchy of the Man City Guvnors do, as you could have got. 

But…in that dark ancient church, I knew that something deeply spiritual had happened to me and I knew my life would never be the same again, I didn’t know how I knew? Or why? I just ‘knew’. I felt that what was happening wasn’t necessarily about religion, even though I was in a church. 

I just felt it was, well I don’t know what I felt it was? It just, was. 

I just felt different, and that’s the only way to describe it, like some cog had stopped and been reset inside of me at a different pace to what it had before and I was now operating on a different level and seeing things in a completely different way. I finished saying what I wanted to say, to whatever it was I was saying it to and then I actually said the Lord’s Prayer. I got up and walked back to the thick oak doors and I found some paper and a pen and I wrote what had happened to me and put it in the donations box with three pound coins, and then I left. 

I can not describe the sense of the most honest peace that I felt, as I drove back home to Redcar.

A few months later just before Christmas, I was doing something, can’t remember what and this quiet voice came back and it told me to take my daughter Laura, who was five, back to the church with me on Christmas Eve, So I did.

On Christmas Eve, we went to the church and sat on the front pew and I asked her if she had been good for Santa, and if she was happy and I answered her questions, she always had loads of questions. Then she found some crayons and colouring in pictures and did that as I said a prayer and then together, we found a small apse in the church wall and we lit eight candles. We lit a candle for our loved ones, our pets, etc and the last one was for world peace. We then went to Stokesley and had pasties and cakes in the car and then I took her home.

Weve done that every year since then and as she has gotten older, our chats at the front of the church have become more spiritual. We talk about the highs and lows of the year, what we both want for the year to come, we both say prayers but we still light the eight candles, the final candle we light is still for world peace and we still go to Stokesley for pasties and cake and crisps and that’s how we begin Christmas.  

When we drive home, we both feel that the Christmas festivities can begin, it’s our way of ushering them in and they begin with connecting with the true spirit and meaning of it.

About three years ago though, things changed. Because, when he was almost one, we took my daughters son, my grandson Lucius, to the church, what my daughter and I call ‘our special place’. That filled me with joy because I know that whatever force of light and peace touched me all those years ago, I then passed it to my daughter and it was now being passed to my grandson via my daughter. The same thing happened again just over a year ago when we took my twin granddaughters Willow and Matilda.

It goes on. It’ll be generational and it goes on.

Love man, that’s what counts at Christmas time. We have all been conned by selfish, greedy, wicked people, into believing that we have to spend thousands of pounds to be happy and to make other people happy and to feel content and at peace. Take it from me, doing that doesn’t make or spread happiness at Christmas.

All you really need, is love, peace and the price of a cheese and onion pasty. chocolate cake and a bag of crisps.

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a really great 2021…

Tipperary Revisited

Tipperary Revisited

Here’s our new video Tipperary Revisited

I want to dedicate this to the men in my family who served in the armed forces, in two world wars and conflicts around the world and to the millions who sacrificed their lives, for our freedoms.


chris mcglade speech


CHRIS MCGLADE walked 250 miles all the way from Redcar to London to deliver a powerful letter and poem to Boris Johnson at Downing Street, England on the 24th Oct 2020. As you can guess, the subject is the UK Government imposed lockdown restrictions and the immense damage they are doing to physical and mental health, small businesses and livelihoods, our children, grandchildren and their uncertain futures.

Watch the speech here

New poem: We

Here is my new poem “We”. 

I wrote this poem last year. 

I wrote it because of the things I was seeing taking place in this country, then.

However, because of the massive erosion of our civil liberties that I see taking place every day, I feel as though this poems meaning and it’s message, has never been needed more than now. 

It’s time for us all, especially the working classes, to peacefully, Rise…

Watch on YouTube